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The Odd Bird

It’s just an expression – like odd duck – odd ball – odd man out – but it seems to suit February, certainly an odd month! For starters, I can’t ever remember how many days it has! “Thirty days has September, April, June and… Continue Reading “The Odd Bird”

Birds of a Feather at Juanita Bay

After a break in the weather yesterday we visited Juanita Bay Park, a protected wildlife area on the shores of Lake Washington. We took the boardwalk and joined other birders who pointed out the bald eagles high in the evergreens above. (Yes, I had… Continue Reading “Birds of a Feather at Juanita Bay”

Great Blue Heron in Black and White

Earlier this week, as I stood on the shores of Lake Washington,  a Great Blue Heron swooped in and landed nearby.  It was a typical spring day in Seattle, skies cloudy and partly blue,  the lake a silvery hue. Though I didn’t shoot the… Continue Reading “Great Blue Heron in Black and White”

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