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Surprise visitor to the Fall Garden

While strolling in my garden this fine day I came across an unexpected visitor.. It wasn’t this squirrel storing up supplies for the coming winter… And it wasn’t this pair of kinglets who stopped by for a drink and bath. It wasn’t Tiger who…

Garden races

A race between red and green with green clearly in the lead…. now neck and neck…. red with a slight lead….. and the winner is…….. Red!

Northwest Garden Whimsy

I love the many unique gardens of the Pacific Northwest. Here is a just a small sampling of those I have visited recently. The centerpiece of Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC is the beautiful Sunken Garden, built in an abandoned limestone quarry a hundred…

Garden Cheer

Sometimes when I am weary I go to my garden and just by being in the presence of green and color and life and fragrance I am cheered. I especially love the lavender. The bees love it too. And then there are the strawberries. …

Happy Garden Herbs

Is there any plant so cheerful or faithful as the herb?  I stepped outside this evening when the rain was falling lightly and found my herbs all aglow..  

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