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Ready or Not

It’s 4th grade and I’m at the school that looms large in my memory. We’re sitting on the steps under the overhang of the building,  a covered entryway somewhere between in and out.  School hasn’t started yet and it’s almost 8:30.   I’m with… Continue Reading “Ready or Not”

Reflections on Fall

It starts with September my favorite month. I close my eyes and see the school, as sturdy as the last century. It’s 4th grade again and Miss Warner is young.  Her face and hair and dress all a golden tan; her hair short and… Continue Reading “Reflections on Fall”

Frank B Cooper School Refrain

I’m not sure what I was looking for by returning.  It was years and years ago when I attended Frank B. Cooper school, kindergarten through 6th grade.  But it was the school’s 100th anniversary and the building, now the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, where… Continue Reading “Frank B Cooper School Refrain”

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