Reflections on Fall

It starts with September my favorite month.

I close my eyes and see the school, as sturdy as the last century.

It’s 4th grade again and Miss Warner is young.  Her face and hair and dress all a golden tan; her hair short and tightly coiled. The heels she wears are black like the piano she plays – upright – the music that encouraged me forever. I hope she knows this.

I breathe in deeply and smell the leaves, green and anxious to change their color.  But September moves slowly, able to hold two seasons at arm’s length – giving summer her fling of sunshine and long afternoons – letting fall have the mornings, cool and fragrant.

September finally relents and October marches in boldly in yellow and orange, red and gold.

The leaves adorn the trails we walk and give fish their burial color.

Till November brings the first snow, a tease of winter to come.

A reminder that fall too shall pass.

This post was inspired by the prompt – Sepia Fall Memories – from Gin and Lemonade

~ Susanne

13 Comments on “Reflections on Fall

  1. Gorgeous snaps of autumn! I like autumn so much simply due to these colors that leaves are turning. Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love the visual and verbal imagery! The “sturdy” past century, the upright black heels that match the piano, the way September straddles two seasons … well written!

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