Today in the Stream – a Ruby Crowned Kinglet and Anna’s Hummingbird

Home again, home again in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m already tending to the birds.

Or shall I say Bob did the tending when he turned on the backyard stream and immediately this little bird dropped by.

I had to look through my Peterson Field Guide of Western Birds to decide it’s a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

No ruby to be seen so I assumed it was a female. But I later learned (after I originally posted this) that it could also be a male. Only the male will show the ruby tufted crown, but only when he pleases!

So for ruby we have to look to the Anna’s hummingbird who also dropped by the stream today, his ruby crown visible.

I love them all.

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “Today in the Stream – a Ruby Crowned Kinglet and Anna’s Hummingbird

  1. What beautiful birds! It’s so nice that you have this stream which they obviously appreciate 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 Bob built it and we all love it including the birds! We don’t usually run it during the winter, but he turned it on yesterday and the birds came almost immediately.

  2. Don’t know names of the birds but I sure do know what a hummingbird looks like. They’re god send.

  3. Two of my most favorite birds! Ah, the little Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was a frequent visitor to our yard in North Carolina. I used to call him “my baby” because he was so tiny. I just adore them. I’ve seen their little red spot a few times, they only show it when excited or angry. Sooooo cute! And, of course, the Anna’s Hummingbird is one of my absolute favorites here in Eastern Washington, although the ones I usually have are either females or young males. I do occasionally get a mature male, though.

    • So glad you enjoyed the pictures! I rarely see the ruby crowned kinglet so it was a treat to have it drop by. And my hummers, as you know, are regulars, and the male frequently shows off his ruby red! 😊

      • I have seen the Kinglet here in Yakima a few times. They are so fast it’s hard to get a picture of them!

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