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A Gallery of Purple

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is Amethyst, a beautiful purple colored stone, February’s birthstone. Who doesn’t like purple? There’s a wide array of colors between red and blue to suit every taste. There’s no shortage of purple in the flower world – see for… Continue Reading “A Gallery of Purple”

A Year of Purples and Violets

It turns out our country is nearly purple – an equal mix of red and blue. This is more and more evident as we anxiously await election results. In the meantime I went looking for purples and violets and came up with these photos… Continue Reading “A Year of Purples and Violets”

Crazy for Purple

Who doesn’t love purple?  Not me for sure!  So I went through some recent photos to share for this week’s prompt from Travel with Intent. I found these leaves on a hydrangea recently at Soos Creek Botanical Garden. I admit my own hydrangeas never… Continue Reading “Crazy for Purple”

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