Crazy for Purple

Who doesn’t love purple?  Not me for sure!  So I went through some recent photos to share for this week’s prompt from Travel with Intent.

I found these leaves on a hydrangea recently at Soos Creek Botanical Garden. I admit my own hydrangeas never look this good.

How about a macaron to go with your coffee?  I wish I had one but this picture will have to do.

Or maybe you’d like to take a ride across the Spokane River in one of these – they weren’t running when I was there earlier this year so maybe next time.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t pay tribute  to my favorite flower, or should I say herb?  Yes to both!  So here’s to lavender,  this picture taken at the Sequim Lavender Festival.

Purple.  It never fails to cheer!  🙂

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “Crazy for Purple

  1. Purple is a great color! My grandpa had lavender growing in his yard and he used to put dried lavender in his shirt pocket. So when I smell it, that’s what comes to mind😊 I would probably enjoy eating a purple macaroon, but I would be way too scared to go on the “ski lift” chairs, no matter what color!!😱

    • Hi there! I just love lavender, especially that wonderful fragrance! As far as the sky ride goes I was kind of relieved it wasn’t open! I probably wouldn’t have gone on it either! 😁

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