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A Background in Apricot

I love all shades of yellow and orange but trying to find the color apricot for this week’s Sunday Stills has been daunting. “Warm yellowish-orangish hue.” Well, I guess that nails it down! 😉 Here’s Benji willing the closet door to open so he… Continue Reading “A Background in Apricot”

Monday Morning Sunrise

One thing I love about winter approaching is the sun rising later in the day. This was the view this morning looking out my back door. Hope your day is full of color too. 🙂 ~ Susanne

A Year of Purples and Violets

It turns out our country is nearly purple – an equal mix of red and blue. This is more and more evident as we anxiously await election results. In the meantime I went looking for purples and violets and came up with these photos… Continue Reading “A Year of Purples and Violets”

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