Can you have too much Lavender?

They don’t think so in Sequim, Washington, the lavender capital of the Northwest.

Every July, lavender takes center stage in this sunny town on the Olympic Peninsula, which lies within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.

And every year for as long as I can remember we try to make it over to enjoy the lavender in full bloom along with the festivities. Check out this year’s festival – here.

The pictures below are from our various trips over the years.

The rest of the season I rely on my own backyard and try to squeeze in a lavender plant whenever a space opens up. The bees are grateful.

#Sunday Stills Color Challenge – Purple

~ Susanne

25 Comments on “Can you have too much Lavender?

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  2. I wish we had smell in WordPress! We just put in a lavender plant that is supposed to be winter hardy. The previous promised winter hardy lavender never prove to be. Let’s hope this one is.

    • My lavender do well here but we have milder winters. I hope your hearty lavender works for you. If not, you can always find a lavender farm somewhere for a fix. Sequim might be a bit too far for you to travel! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LOL. Someone told us yesterday that lavender repels ticks. I don’t know if that is true, but it would be great here.

  3. Lavender and Lupines, so similar but so different! We had lavender that grew in our former neighborhood in Sacramento. I should have included a pic of one! There is a lavender farm nearby, I’ll have to go check it out this summer! Your images are stunning, Susanne, it must also smell heavenly! Your bee captures are exquisite!

    • Thanks, Terri. Lavender is one of my favorite flowers and I never get tired of visiting the lavender farms! And they are definitely a bee magnet!

  4. Heart-filling beautiful – and all shades of purple from the palest lilac to the deepest burgundy are my forever first choice in the color palette. Whine time: sadly, I can only admire lavender from afar as I’m one of the approx 2% of people who have odd sniffers and lavender is a no-no, almost like cilantro – taste and fragrance of those for me is a cross between strong chemicals and laundry soap. So I thank you for the opportunity of enjoying such beautiful photos with the additional thanks from the nose quarter of being one screen removed from the fragrance!

  5. Ouch! This reminds me that I have let my lavender plant dry out, and now it may have gone the way of many plants that Iโ€™ve tried to grow in my back yard. Iโ€™m blaming Fresno summers! Iโ€™m hoping that part of it is still alive and that it will come back if I water it enough. ๐Ÿค”

    • I hope it springs back to life! Water does wonders! Mine were waterlogged all spring, but are waking up during our heatwave this week!

  6. How wonderful! I love the photos of the lavender fields but your close-ups with the bees are the real stars of this post ๐Ÿ Really excellent ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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