I went Looking for Ducklings at Coulon Park …

I walked as far north as the trail allowed – some parts are under construction.

The Olympic Mountains were out,

and so was the Seattle skyline.

I saw moms walking Coulon style,

turtles basking,

fishes jumping, but no ducklings.

Until I passed by the swim beach

and that’s where I found them.

Of course.

Swim test required.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “I went Looking for Ducklings at Coulon Park …

  1. LOVE this! The beginner’s pond. Wading pool! Smart smart smart mama ducks. I was finally able to convince my neighbor whose shallow seasonal creek ends in a wider deeper pond, all surrounded by cattails and tall grasses, to stop mowing around the edges of the creek.Because….duck family!

    • Thanks so much! I was so happy to see the ducklings! And I would love having a pond on my property, maybe that will be the next one! 🙂

      • Susanne, FYI the prompts from Facebook and whatever the “W” icon stands for are again present when trying to comment. The prompts apparently want commenters to comment via Fb or W. Just thought you should know. Strange as that has not happened for a while. But the prompts actually cover most of the reply box so it makes it hard to catch a typo (of course, I never make typos, right….hahahah).

      • Hmmm… not sure exactly what that looks like as it doesn’t happen to me when I comment on other blogs. But then I’m always commenting within the wordpress app. Are you responding via the email link? Unfortunately, this seems to be controlled by WP as I’ve done nothing different. Isn’t technology fun? 😉 🙂

  2. Ducklings and Chicks are two of the cutest things in nature. I am so happy that you found them, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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