Hike to Magnificent Second Beach

I don’t use the word ‘magnificent’ lightly. Bob had heard of Second Beach for many years but whenever we were in the area the parking lot was already full so we’d pass on by to the next beach. And let me say you don’t just ‘happen’ to be in the area. This hike is on the rugged northern coast of Washington, twenty miles west of the thriving town of Forks, just south of La Push. The hike itself is short, only .7 of a mile, but the beach is spectacular with 2 miles of smooth sand and sea stacks!

So to make sure we’d be at the trailhead early enough to get a spot, we spent the night in Forks and were ready for our hike the next day, a beautiful walk through coastal forests of Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. Do you see why Washington is called the Evergreen State? That’s why I’m sharing this with Sunday Stills and also with Becky’s Squares, as I was able to ‘square’ a number of trees!

It was an easy walk through the woods and so fragrant!

And it wasn’t long before we heard the roar of the ocean!! Almost there!

And can I tell you it was all that we hoped for and more? There were literally ‘Hallelujahs!’ ringing in my heart for the beauty of the seascape!

I walked the beach while Bob cast his line into the sea and we both enjoyed the peace and solitude of the place.

I have many more pictures I could share but I think you get the idea. So I’ll close with this young eagle, who perched high above and guarded the entrance to the beach.

Hope you enjoyed the hike! 🙂

~ Susanne

P.S. Forgot the video! So here’s that! 🙂

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  1. Washington just gets better and better, Susanne! Once we get all our building done, we hope to take a trip to the coast and stay with my cousin in Tacoma and see some of these sights. Great info–looked on google maps. The mini(?) evergreen forests on the sea stacks look like hair! Amazing to see and I know why it was worth making plans to see the area! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, indeed! Amazing to have a little forest growing on top of the sea stacks! Even as a local I never get tired of the beauty of my home state! So glad you’ll be able to explore the west side soon! 😊

  2. That’s a wonderful place to visit. Looks like you had a gorgeous day for it and got a lot of great photos. The eagle is terrific.

    • Thanks so much! The weather was perfect, sunny and clear blue skies but not too hot. And the eagle sat perched in the same spot for over an hour.

    • oh this hike is perfect – stunning trees and landscape, and huge wow to come to that beach at the end.

      • Thank you so much! We were so happy to finally get to Second Beach! It really was magnificent! 🙂 🙂

  3. This is one beach we had to pass on – we saw Rialto, First and several further south, but didn’t have time to stop at all of them. The Olympic Peninsula coastline has to be one of the most spectacular I have seen! I loved revisiting it through your beautiful images 😀

    • Thank you, 😊So many beaches, so little time! All are beautiful, rugged and isolated! I’m glad you made it to Rialto, one of my favorites!

      • Yes, we loved Rialto 🙂 I also really liked First, which was a bit quieter. We had very misty weather which added to the scene I felt.

      • Ruby Beach is another favorite of mine. So many to choose from. And yes, weather adds a bit of mystery. But I loved having clear blue skies for our time at Second Beach. 😊

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  5. Loved the pictures and the video! Sounds like a great place for a hike.

  6. Wow, these are so gorgeous, Susanne. It’s a shame to have to walk through those trees and have to leave them. But then the picture at the end of the line is just as amazing. So much to see and experience. Hard to take it all in! 🙂

  7. This is beautiful! We wanted to visit Second Beach but La Push was closed due to covid during our visit. Rialto Beach was beautiful thought!

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