A House Finch Courtship and a Hummingbird Flyby

I stepped outside today and heard the song of a house finch overhead. Truth be known it was not that melodious, he sang like a one-note Ned continuously and persistently.

But it was enough to attract a female nearby and she followed him.

While the courtship continued a visitor swooped in like a troublesome little brother, darting about in a blur, the little hummer trying his best to disturb the finch couple or perhaps just having fun.

Either way, they were undaunted.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “A House Finch Courtship and a Hummingbird Flyby

  1. Great shots of the birds, Susanne, and how fun to capture the courtship! And in the evergreens no less…wink wink. Great captures of the meany hummer–they are so silly!

  2. Lovely photos! Humming Birds are very common here in Las Vegas, I just love them! ❀️☺️

      • I don’t know which are which, only that I find them so beautiful and fascinating. Occasionally when I’m outside the house, one will stop and hover not very far from me, I love that! Are they saying hello, just checking me out? I love the chirp they make too as they call for their friends. ❀️☺️

  3. Great shots of those birds! The male house finch looks very pretty – we don’t get them over here in the UK.

    • Thank you. I see them often in the backyard but they finally stayed put long enough for me to get some shots. The male is truly handsome with his reddish cap and he sang a long time right above me in the Douglas fir tree. πŸ™‚

  4. Such fun! That sweet one-note singer. At least he looks good singing away and apparently his song sounded good to lady finch.

  5. Wonderful shots, especially that solo shot of the hummer with the background whited out, just fabulous! We get so many house finches here, it isn’t funny! But they are birds nonetheless. I love the song of the goldfinches, not just one-note.

    • Thanks so much! I know I have heard a sweeter song from the female in the past. So maybe the male just toots his horn for courtship?? I ‘ll have to do some research on that! And it was great fun to have the Hummingbird photo bomb my pictures of the two lovebirds!! 😊

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