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Come Along on a Rainy Day Hike to Twin Falls

What do you do on a rainy summer day in the Great Northwest? Go for a hike in the woods of course! There you’ll be protected by the thick forest canopy and whatever filters through will cool you and refresh you! And so we…

Paradise in Bloom, Nisqually Glacier and Christine Falls!

Everybody knows that August is the best time to visit Paradise to see the wildflowers in bloom but somehow I always miss it   We usually visit early in the season, as soon as the roads are passable;  here’s what it looked like in…

Off to Paradise – Mt. Rainier, Waterfalls and Blackberry Pie!

On the hottest day of the year we took a drive to our favorite local attraction – the big mountain two hours south! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as we drove the back roads to Paradise, the mountain calling us all the…

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