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A Walk through Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge

Not the river itself of course but the town named after the river. Last month – before the latest round of lockdowns went into effect – we spent the night in Hood River. Getting there was the best part – traveling the Historic Columbia… Continue Reading “A Walk through Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge”

The Best of Multnomah Falls

I promised I’d be back to show you Multnomah Falls, the most popular of all the waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge. It was our last stop before heading back home, and it was a perfect and rain-free fall day. At 611 feet, Multnomah Falls… Continue Reading “The Best of Multnomah Falls”

Road Trip to the Columbia River Gorge

We were promised two days of sunshine earlier this week, and so to celebrate we drove south for a night at the Columbia River Gorge. Our plan was to take in the waterfalls on the Oregon side; then spend the night at Skamania Lodge… Continue Reading “Road Trip to the Columbia River Gorge”

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