Can’t Get Enough of the Waterfalls on the Historic Columbia River Highway

We are nothing if not consistent. One year ago we visited the Columbia Gorge to celebrate my husband’s birthday – we just returned from the same place yesterday. And why not? The Gorge is a fantastic place to visit anytime of year, and it’s especially beautiful in the fall.

Our first stop was at Crown Point where we got a good look at the Columbia River facing east.

Vista House, perched 693 feet above the river, opened here in 1918 as a rest stop and observatory for the new scenic highway.

Afterwards we cruised along the Waterfall Corridor through the forest

until we arrived at the first waterfall – Latourell Falls.

A short trail took us to the base of the falls where we were wowed by the thundering water dropping into the beautiful basin below. We didn’t join the tiny people who ventured behind its drenching spray.

Next up was Wahkeena Falls. Neither of us remembered this one so we took the trail to see it for the first time. It was steep but short and the fragrance was heavenly. Or perhaps I should say earthly? Actually, it was both.

Our final waterfall stop was at the most famous and tallest of them all – 620 foot Multnomah Falls – split between 542 ft. Upper Falls, and 69 ft. Lower Falls. We started at Multnomah Falls Lodge which has been serving travelers since 1925 and is a visitors center and gift shop.

After enjoying the view from below

we headed up to Benson Bridge for a look at Upper Falls. We’re glad we did. The boulder you see in the basin is the size of a bus.

Here’s a video in case you want to feel the spray in your face.

We lucked out and made it back just as the rain began to fall.

The next two days we were socked in by heavy rain but it was expected so we happily visited the museums in the area. I’ll tell you more about that later.

~ Susanne

24 Comments on “Can’t Get Enough of the Waterfalls on the Historic Columbia River Highway

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  2. Why not go back to the same place every year? Especially when the scenery is so majestic. Thanks for the lovely tour, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete! That’s exactly why we do so much traveling in the Northwest. And the Columbia Gorge is one of the special places!

  3. I so adore those falls. I’ve not been down there since Covid. It was nice to see them. Delightful and wonderful photos 😀

  4. We visited the gorge many many years ago. It was in the summer and I loved it there, but it looks even better with the autumn colours! So many lovely photos of the falls, you’ve captured them beautifully 🙂

  5. Lovely pictures! Haven’t been to Latourell Falls yet, so it’s on my list now!!

    • Thank you! Latourell Falls is gorgeous! There are 5 accessible waterfalls on this short stretch of road and you’d love them all!

      • We went that way once going to Portland but I only remember Multnomah falls (not sure I spelled that right).

      • Yes, you got the spelling right! That’s the most famous of the waterfalls. To see the others you have to take the old Columbia River Scenic highway.

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