Tag: Sunbreaks

Mostly Cloudy Skies

Last night’s skies were mostly blue with clouds strewn about and lit from behind  as the sun began to set. The clouds gathered and thickened after sunset, saturated with lovely shades of blue, purple and lavender. This morning’s skies look like dishwater as milky… Continue Reading “Mostly Cloudy Skies”

Rainy Day Walk and the B-17

Rain, rain and more rain was the forecast for the week, along with wind and stormy weather for the weekend.  So we weren’t surprised to wake up to heavy,  pounding rain this morning.   Did we dare go out for our walk?  We headed… Continue Reading “Rainy Day Walk and the B-17”

Is it Spring Yet?

Inquiring minds want to know. No, I tell them. We are only half way through.  Though the baby daffodils seem to think so and shall soon show brilliant yellow blossoms. And the Rhodies think so too and are already displaying their color. No.  I… Continue Reading “Is it Spring Yet?”

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