Surviving Spring in the Rainy Northwest

To those who just moved here let me say, it’s not always this bad.

Yes, we get a bit of rain in the Pacific Northwest but sometimes it actually stops.

Really it does.

And trust me, you don’t want the other extreme – like last year’s brutal heatwave when we had temperatures in the hundreds for days.

So get outside during the sunbreaks; enjoy the green when you can – after all you’re paying for it.

Take a walk in the park at Flaming Geyser

Hike to Twin Falls

Bicycle the Cedar River Trail

That’s how we get by.

~ Susanne

22 Comments on “Surviving Spring in the Rainy Northwest

  1. It has been a rainy season that is for sure. 😀 😀 I prefer it to the hundreds of last summer though 😀

  2. Oh that green!!! At least the local weather prognosticators have halted their relentless whine about drought drought drought. Meanwhile, what those guys “danced” for is adversely impacting quite a number of crops here in western Oregon. Which means, for me, is that I am buying up every scrap of last year’s stored hay crop I can get my hands on as due to the inability to harvest in the wet (wet crop, wet ground that would cause farm equipment to sink up to their axles) means there will be a hay shortage also compounded by diesel fuel issues for running farm equipment. Worse: the abundant rainfall which on the one hand is recharging aquifers and reservoirs and groundwater, that same rainfall is also creating equally abundant wildfire food. And I don’t want to think about what will happen come July, August and September and hope against hope it won’t be like 2017, 2018, and worst of all 2020. From the not so great state of Oregon.

  3. I’m serious: why haven’t we figured out how to move your rain to California – where we are in the midst of the worst drought in recorded history. Forget oil pipelines, why haven’t we come up with a way to move water, the most precious resource we have?

    • Good question! We do share the hydro power that’s generated in a grid but not the water itself. I’m wondering if it’s been looked into and rejected, due to unforseen environmental consequences that could occur? I do wish our weather was a bit more balanced! Seems like we’ve had rain every day this spring!

      • I just see water everywhere in some places and the largest food producing part of the country has NONE. Not a drop. Something our government should be focused on.

  4. Stunning shots, Susanne! That one waterfall looks so feathery! Raining a bit here today on the East side of WA and into tomorrow…no complaints, but the WEEDS!! Oh well, cool enough to pluck the little darlings!

    • Thanks so much, Terri! We love that hike to Twin Falls. We had a nice day yesterday but it’s raining here (again) today. And yes, it should help loosen the weeds. We’ll take the bright side wherever we can find it! 😁

    • You have to enjoy them when they come! We had a decent day earlier this week, then yesterday it poured! Drizzly and overcast today. Such is life in the Northwest! 🙂

  5. Your rain certainly produces some gorgeous greens! And I love the tree in the Twin Falls shot, its roots clinging to the rock 😀

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