Playing with Painnt in the Garden

I recently discovered the Painnt application and decided to try out the free version on some of my garden pictures.

Bee on Chives

My Favorite Rose

Lady’s Mantle in the Rain

It was fun to play with but I think I like the originals better.

What do you think? πŸ™‚

~ Susanne

39 Comments on “Playing with Painnt in the Garden

  1. Nobody does it better than mother nature! Those are fun apps to dink around with though

  2. I have to agree the originals are better. But that said the texture on the rose was interesting – it almost made me think there was some hidden message in the hieroglyphics etched on the petals and leaves….

    • Yes, the ‘painnted’ photos are more vivid and interesting. The paid version of the app would have better options to choose from, but for now it’s fun to play with the free version.

  3. Call me old school but I always feel the original is best. I don’t believe in enhancing a photo just because you can.

    • I know what you mean. It was fun to play with the app but I’m not sure what I’d do with ‘painnted’ pictures.

  4. It’s see a really cool sharpness effect, which in the last photo is really cool, but the rose actually doesn’t look as luscious!

    • It does make for some interesting effects and I did like the bee and the lady’s mantle. It also depends on which filter you use in the app – there are lots to choose from in the paid version but the free ones are limited.

      • I’ve considered getting an app for my photos, just keep seeing new options arriving so don’t want to commit yet!

      • I know what you mean. I currently have a Lightroom subscription for basic editing, sizing and applying a watermark. It doesn’t do much else fancy, at least as far as I’ve figured out. Painnt has fun filters and is cheaper so I may explore it more to see what else it can do.

  5. These look great, Susanne! I like Painnt, and the premium subscription ($12/year?) takes their watermark off (or you could clone it out). I like what it does for landscapes and offers really cool filters–cheaper than some of the PS and LR apps add-ons. Keep experimenting!

    • Thanks, Terri! That’s a cool sunflower! I think I first heard about Painnt from you! I will definitely keep experimenting with it, as the filters are fun. I haven’t been able to find preset filters in LR, but maybe you do have to pay extra for them. Does Painnt allow you to add your own watermark or resize the photo or do you accomplish that with some other software? For $12 a year, it’s probably worth exploring the premium version; it’s much cheaper than LR!

      • I think it’s Topaz labs that others with LR use, which comes with a price tag. I’m still using PicMonkey! So what I do is once I get the Painnted image uploaded, is edit with PicMonkey, where I crop, adjust exposure and watermark. Do you have a clone editing feature to mark out the Painnt name? I would double check the premium rate, but you are right that it’s much cheaper. With the premium, you get a ton more filters! Good luck!

      • Thanks so much for the good information. Sounds like its worthwhile to get the premium version for a better selection of filters without the Painnt watermark.

  6. I think I prefer the originals though there’s no doubt you have some interesting effects here. I’m using an old version of Photoshop Elements, which has some filters, but I rarely use them. Perhaps I should be more adventurous!

    • It was fun to play around with Painnt. I may eventually opt for the premium version. I was surprised that there aren’t any filters in Lightroom Classic which I use for other functions. Seems you have to pay extra for that and it’s already not cheap. I may evaluate whether its worth keeping when it comes up for renewal.

  7. That does look like a fun app. I had never heard of it before. But I vote for the originals in the long run! 🌻🌸🌺🐝

  8. I agree 100% that the original photos are much nicer to look at, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  9. Fun effects but on the whole I agree with you about the originals apart perhaps from the last shot where the edit is probably at least as pretty as the original?

    • I had fun playing with the app. I agree with you about the last picture! I like how the raindrops look. And I probably should have brightened up my original a bit.

      • Yes, it’s good to enhance the raindrops, whichever way you choose to do it πŸ™‚

  10. I will always ALWAYS take your stunningly beautiful photography over anything a computer thinks it can generate. Not a fan of whatever version of artificial intelligence is invented to supposedly enhance real life. I’ll have me some of your phenomenal artistry instead. Every day!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It was fun to play with Painnt but I too prefer nature’s version. 😊

  11. Originals are always better, but doesn’t hurt to play around with things from time to time.

  12. You take such wonderful photos that there is no need to experiment with them. It is fun for sure, but your originals are better every time.

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