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Playing with Painnt in the Garden

I recently discovered the Painnt application and decided to try out the free version on some of my garden pictures. Bee on Chives My Favorite Rose Lady’s Mantle in the Rain It was fun to play with but I think I like the originals… Continue Reading “Playing with Painnt in the Garden”

Busy as a Bee on Chives

As the weather has settled down and chores have been done I stopped to watch the bees on the chives in my garden. Intent and with singleness of purpose, they go from flower to flower gathering nectar and pollen as food for themselves and… Continue Reading “Busy as a Bee on Chives”

Busy as a Bee

I walked in my garden today and stopped to watch the bees. Bees on a mission working together and apart, Taking no thought of the other. Bees on the lavender and bees on the chives, Buzzing from blossom to blossom there was room for… Continue Reading “Busy as a Bee”

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