Is it Spring Yet?

Inquiring minds want to know.

No, I tell them. We are only half way through.  Though the baby daffodils seem to think so and shall soon show brilliant yellow blossoms.

And the Rhodies think so too and are already displaying their color.

No.  I tell them again.  You can’t believe the early bloomers.  We’re still in the dead of winter, not burdened with snow, but worse, with cold and gray and wind and rain.  Enjoy the sunbreaks* I tell them while they are here.

Still much more winter to come.

~ Susanne

* Sunbreaks  – According to Wikipedia, a ” sunbreak is a natural phenomenon in which sunlight obscured over a relatively large area penetrates the obscuring material in a localized space.   The word is considered by some to have origins in Pacific Northwest English.”  And the Urban Dictionary has this,  “When the sun appears in a cloudy sky for a little while, then gets covered again. Commonly used in Seattle, WA.”   This I do not doubt.

11 Comments on “Is it Spring Yet?

    • Everyplace else seems to be having it far worse than us here. We’re actually having a pretty mild winter so far. We got our snow back in November and December and it was short lived as always. But I do tire of the dark and gray and rain.

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    • I’m okay with rain most of the time. I must be since I’ve lived here my whole life. 🙂 But about this time in the winter, the dark days along with the rain (especially if accompanied by wind) gets depressing. Oh well. Signs of spring abound! And I’m happy that the wheat farmers are happy. 🙂


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