A Benji Kind of Morning

“Benji, did anyone ever tell you you’re the cutest cat ever?”

“Only you Sue.  Before you, I was just one of the forty running wild in that house.  Till they caught me and took me to the pound. I didn’t think anyone would ever choose me after they chopped my ear.   Did I ever thank you for that?”

“Benji, you thank me everyday by being such a fun kitty. Seriously, you’re the best!”

“Even when I get in trouble like today?”

“Yes, Benji, even today.  Even when you’re running wild like a crazy cat.  You’re still so darn cute!  But it would be nice if you could settle down just a little bit….”


“Hey, get off the keyboard!!!”

“Sorry Sue. Didn’t mean to get in your way.”

“Yeah, sure Benji, sure..  But sometimes I don’t know what gets into you.”

“Like I said Sue.  I can’t help it. I was raised by the crazy cat lady remember? ”

“Maybe  that does have something to do with it Benji.”


“Yes, Benji.”

“Do you still think I’m the cutest cat ever?”

“No doubt about it, Benji.”

“Thanks Sue.”

~ from the office of Susanne and Benji

21 Comments on “A Benji Kind of Morning

    • Oh yes. This morning he was everywhere! Around my feet, in the garbage can, under my desk and on my keyboard! Those really were his entries in this post! 🙂 Still, I love that little kitty!

  1. Benji, I think you could lose some of your diffidence if you took lessons from Miss Effie–though she has quite a waiting list. 😽💕🐾

  2. He came from a cat hoarder? Did most of the cats survive? How was his health when he was rescued?

    • We got him from Seattle Humane Society. He’d only been there a few days. They told us he was rescued from a house of 40 cats. We were impressed by his sweet disposition and didn’t even notice his clipped ear (still bloody) until we began the paperwork. I don’t understand the clipped ear based on the story, as usually that means a rescued feral cat. Seattle Humane Society does not clip the ears of cats. Within a week of bringing him home he had a respiratory infection which we caught quickly and treated successfully. Thankful to have him.

      • Maybe she had adopted a feral rescue then it got adopted after the 40 cats were rounded up. He does look lovely.

      • Or maybe a different organization rescued the cats from the house and clipped the ear before handing over to Seattle Humane? Either way, he is the sweetest boy with the most personality of any cat we’ve ever had! (Don’t tell the others!) 🙂

  3. Ahhhh those rescue animals and their owners are so special we have a soi dog( street dog) so lovely but naughty at times …Benji is so cute 🙂

    • Yes, they are special. We’re so happy we found Benji!.. He’s such a sweet boy, but can be naughty too, especially with his big brother Tiger. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

      • So can Saangchai would love to get another but not how he would feel ..it would have to be a little pup or I don’t think another dog would go down well

      • It may be harder with dogs. Our cats mostly get along fine. Benji still pesters Tiger, but even though Tiger is much bigger (and older) he always retreats.

      • I think so…and Saangchai is very protective of me…I think he was so happy to get a forever home initially he wouldn’t let anyone and I mean anyone near me..I had to get tough with him but even now he prowls around when someone calls in… I just tell people to ignore him and he comes round but in his time..he must have been really badly treated…but we love him 🙂

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