Rainy Day Walk and the B-17

Rain, rain and more rain was the forecast for the week, along with wind and stormy weather for the weekend.  So we weren’t surprised to wake up to heavy,  pounding rain this morning.   Did we dare go out for our walk?  We headed to Starbucks to consider our options and after running a few errands the rain slowed down.  We decided to take a chance and headed to the Cedar River Trail where sunbreaks and patches of blue accompanied us on our walk.

The Cedar River Trail follows the river north into Lake Washington.   On one side of the river is the Renton Boeing Plant, that recently turned out its 10,000th  737.  On the other side is the Renton Municipal Airport, which not only serves Boeing,  but also other small planes.

Today we were treated to a special one. I heard its distinct rumbling before I saw it taxiing on the runway. I knew it was from another era and my husband identified it for me as a B-17.

We watched it take off, circle the sky and come in for a landing again and again over the lake.

And then as we finished up our walk and headed for the car, the rain returned.  We won this time.

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “Rainy Day Walk and the B-17

  1. Ah, The Flying Fortress.
    Many of those were stationed in England during WW2, close to where we live now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. That’s cool that you got to see a B-17. My grandpa on my mom’s side worked in a Boeing plant in Washington state during WW2. He had already served in WW1. That would be George, the only Dane in my family of Swedes LOL.

    • Fun history! My mother-in-law moved from the Midwest to Seattle during WW2 to work at Boeing too! Came out here and met her husband and stayed!

      • Wow! My grandpa had come out there from Minnesota. We have letters that he sent to my grandma, mom, and aunt who had stayed back there.

      • Practically neighbors! My mother-in-law came with her dad and sisters from N. Dakota! She’s the only one that stayed! 🙂

  3. You certainly did win! The weather looks quite bright in those pictures! I know nothing about aeroplanes, but could picture that one in a WW2 film. Don’t think my Mum would be keen to see it. Allied forces or not, she only has to hear the sound of a bomber and her blood runs cold. They were dark times.

    • We had the best weather for our walk, it was quite surprising. Seeing the B-17 was interesting, but I understand how difficult it would be if you lived through that time. I’m reading a book right now on the war (‘Last Hope Island’) and realize again just how much suffering was endured by the people of Europe.

  4. We live near the Pratt and Whitney plant and air strip. Once in a while they test something and fly over head. It is quite exciting.

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