Cat on a Cold, Wood Roof!

First let me say I have had many cats throughout most of my adult life. Black ones. Brown ones.  Gray ones.  White ones. Long haired, short haired. Small and large. I saw them jump. Play. Chase. Hunt. Climb trees.  All the things that cats do.  But I never, ever, ever saw one of them on my roof.

Until today.

I had come home from church and was met by my mom who had a story to tell.  She had heard a loud kerplunk on the roof and when she went to investigate guess what she saw.  A bird?  I said.   A raccoon?  I wondered.  Guess again.  Guess again.

I give, I give, I said.  But I already knew.

It was a cat!  That crazy boy, Benji to be more specific.

At first she thought she might try to help him down (she could almost reach him from the back porch she said) but had decided against it.  (Thank you mom. I would have been more distressed to find you both stuck.)

She finally figured, well,  he got up there somehow, he would have to find his own way down. And he did.  And when he came in the house after his big adventure, she had a good talk with him and he promised never to do that again.  Uh-huh.  That’s what he said.

Except he did.  In the next hour. I helped him down twice.  That’s it, I said.  No more!

I shall have to talk to your father when he gets home I said.  Until then you are on restriction.

Now please do not think me a poor cat parent.  This one has a wild streak and we are doing the best we can with him.

But honestly. Isn’t he cute when he’s asleep?

~  Susanne

Gardening with Benji and Tiger

We finally have a few days with no rain in the forecast so it is time for some serious spring gardening. My goal today is to prepare the beds for planting and for this work I am joined by my faithful assistant Benji.  We focus our attention on a vegetable bed which has been taken over by a massive tangle of unidentified roots.

When it’s time for a break Benji  heads to the stream and I can’t help but notice what a handsome boy he is, a real tribute to the feline species!  He seems to understand this and poses for me.

After the work is nearly done, Tiger joins us and finds the catmint beginning to sprout amid another tangle of weeds.  I’ll save that for next time.

~   Susanne

The Deal

The Deal – a true tale from long, long ago …….


By Susanne

When I was five I lost a tooth and my mom told me to put it under my pillow so the tooth fairy would leave me money. But the next day the tooth was still there.

“Oh!” she said. “He must have been too busy to get to you. Put it under your pillow tonight and he’ll come.”

But the next day it was still there. “That darn tooth fairy forgot me again!” I told her.

“Just forget him!” she said. “From now on you bring your teeth to me and I’ll take care of it.”

And so she did.

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Word of the Day – Synchronized 

Synchronized Cats.

– Tiger and Benji

Sweet Dreams from the Printer

All the smart kitties know …

the best place to catch a catnap is on the printer….


take it from one who went before…

~ Susanne

Saturday morning with Sue

This is Tiger and today is a good day because I got to have time alone in the office with Sue, which is increasingly hard to do in this two cat household.

While it’s true Benji and I have come to agreement on some territory  (he gets the bedroom, I get the room with grandma) the last undeclared outpost is Sue’s office, which is the best room in the house.  Why?

Well, it has the latest in cat equipment for one.

The best views.

Great sleeping accommodations.

But most importantly, it has Sue, for this is where you will find her most of the time drinking coffee, working on our blog, and producing a lap for us to enjoy.

Who could ask for more?

And so I remain,

~ the contented Tiger

Kittie Photo Shoot in the Garden

Okay boys I said.  Spring is here and it’s a sunny day. I’d like to get a few shots of you two in the garden okay?

Fine by me, says Tiger. How about this?

Perfect I say.

Alright with me says Benji.  How’s this?

Love it Benji.  Thanks.

Now, how about one of you two together?

Sure, they say, how about this?

Haha, very funny, I say.  Can’t you at least face the same direction?

Okay, okay, how about this, they say.

It’ll have to do I say.

~ Susanne, Tiger and Benji

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