Summer Harvest and Little Green Apples!

As summer is winding down I have to admit there wasn’t much to harvest from the garden this year. The strawberries were disappointing and their bed has already been stripped to be given to something more worthy.

There were only a handful of raspberries, a few green beans and surprise potatoes from last year.

I planted the tomatoes too late and have only eaten one so far – the rest remain stubbornly green.

I should be disappointed but I’m not for there are apples!

I must have been five or six when I first climbed a tree to get little green apples, barely ripe, tart and juicy. And I’ve been spoiled ever since, for no other apples ever tasted as good.

So I planted a tree a few years ago and waited patiently for apples to grow.

The first year there was one. The second year there was none.

But this year the little tree is sagging with apples and I picked them small and green, with a hint of red, before they could fall to the ground.

They are as good as I remember. 😉

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “Summer Harvest and Little Green Apples!

  1. Sadly the squirrels seem to have been on the lookout for apples and bit in before we could get to them. Or maybe they knocked them to the ground for the turkeys to eat!

    • We don’t get as many squirrels here as we used to before the woods behind our house were razed. I was thrilled to get so many apples this year. Maybe it was because I finally fertilized in the spring? Or maybe it just took this long to get established.

      • We’re used to it by now but it was pretty sad at the time. Fortunately they left some trees behind our home, but not so fortunate for the wildlife.

      • Yes. Property owned by the school district but no longer fit for building a school, so they sold to developers. Sad, but I understood their fiduciary responsibility. Would have been best if purchased by a non-profit for preservation but it didn’t happen.

  2. That’s awesome! I’m glad you got a good harvest of apples! I don’t have anything edible growing in my yard (well, except for the nopales that is) 🌵🌵🌵

      • I don’t think apple trees necessarily grow in this area. Or at least that’s not something you see orchards of. The trees here are mostly almonds, pistachios, and citrus. 🌳🌳🌳

      • Those all sound wonderful! I wish they grew here too! Washington produces the most apples in the country and they grow in abundance on the east side of the state. The west side is a bit trickier due to less sunshine.

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