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What’s In My Garden?

Cats Tiger and Benji believe the backyard is their kingdom and who am I to tell them otherwise? Birds I dream of a world where cats and birds live together in peace. Until then I keep an eye on both. Bees and Herbs I’m… Continue Reading “What’s In My Garden?”

Summer Harvest and Little Green Apples!

As summer is winding down I have to admit there wasn’t much to harvest from the garden this year. The strawberries were disappointing and their bed has already been stripped to be given to something more worthy. There were only a handful of raspberries,… Continue Reading “Summer Harvest and Little Green Apples!”

Apples and Dahlias and Tiger in the Garden

Today I took a stroll through my garden and this is what I saw. The Apple One would think it’s easy to grow apples in Washington State, a major exporter of the delicious crop.  One would be wrong (unless one lives in Wenatchee which… Continue Reading “Apples and Dahlias and Tiger in the Garden”

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