Ohanapecosh! A Day Trip to Mt. Rainier

I’m lucky to have Mt. Rainier National Park in my backyard – close enough to make a day trip whenever the mood strikes. Yesterday it did and we headed south to Ohanapecosh.

The Ohanapecosh River is perhaps the most beautiful river in the park, originating from the meltwaters of the Ohanapecosh Glacier on the southeastern slopes of Mount Rainier.

Here we stopped at the campground for lunch and to revel in its glorious color,

and to watch the young and the brave jump into its cool waters.

Afterwards we went to the Grove of the Patriarchs for a look at some of the largest and oldest trees in the park. The trail down to the river was easy, then we crossed the wobbly suspension bridge one by one.

Fortunately the crowds stayed by the river while we went ahead mostly alone, into the solitude of the Grove of the Patriarchs, one of the nation’s outstanding examples of old growth giants.

We walked almost with reverence among giant Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, some a thousand years old, reaching heights of 200 ft.

After resting under the canopy of the old trees, we made the trek back to the top; and there was still time to visit the Mountain at Sunrise,

where we found another idyllic place for a picnic

joined by this cutie.

And then we called it a day.

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “Ohanapecosh! A Day Trip to Mt. Rainier

  1. A magnificent place for a day trip indeed. Just wonderful to have those trees and scenery on your doorstep, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Wow! The Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are amazing, I didnt’ realize they grew that tall and lived that long. Thanks, for sharing!

  3. Great photos. Mt. Rainier is something special. The color of that river is amazing, such a lovely blue. Reminds me of a long ago hike in Switzerland on a scorching day. My friend and I were dreaming of diving into the high lake we were headed to, but when we got there, one toe dipped in the water cured us of any thoughts of immersion. Looks like that river would be about the same temperature.

    • Thanks so much. I couldn’t believe the color of the river either! Reminds me of the colors of the lakes in the Canadian Rockies. It’s snowmelt too so icy cold. I was surprised to see the brave swimmers but it was a pretty hot day and must have been fun jumping in!

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