Matching Cats – Who Wears it Better?

We picked up a blanket a few years ago to use in our camper but it was inevitable that the cats would make it their own. Who wears it better?

The Most Interesting Cats in the World

This is Tiger, the mature one in the house.  I don’t always pose like this; but when I do it will be on the most luxurious blanket I can find.

This is Benji and I agree you’re lookin’ good for your age Tiger.  But you can’t overcome youth.

It’s a tough call but I think Tiger nailed it with his swagger above.

But this week, Benji was the winner when I posted this picture on Instagram for a Photo Challenge where the topic was ‘Matching.’ Click the arrow for the full effect.

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Hooray for Benji! Photo of the day. 😻

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~ Susanne, Tiger and Benji

7 Comments on “Matching Cats – Who Wears it Better?

  1. Because Tiger has a lot of white on his body, Benji does blend in better, it has to be said.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I would say that Benji looks better, but he might get a superiority complex on the same day that he was cat of the day!

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