Celebrating Benji – A Look at 2017

“I didn’t think it would be this hard Benji.”

“What’s that Sue?”

“Picking my favorite story of you from 2017. There are too many!

Whether you were helping in the garden

or thinking cat thoughts;

Watching You Tube

or sleeping in camouflage,

you lived life with gusto! You still do!

But much of 2017 was spent learning to get along with your big brother. I was so happy when you and Tiger began to figure it out.

So I decided to share your story of how you were mentored by Tiger, who helped make you the mighty hunter you are today.”

The Mighty Hunter!

This is Benji and I am a mighty hunter.  Tiger taught me well.

First, he said, you must listen with your whole body until you sense the presence of the varmints underfoot. This I practice.

Do not be quick to attack, he said.  Conserve your energy.  Wait. Watch. You will know when it is time.

When you discover their lodging, he said, but they refuse to surrender, you must dig and dig until you rout them out.

Rest if you must but do not lose heart.  If they escape today they will be there tomorrow for you to surprise.

These things I practice for I am Benji, the Mighty Hunter.

~ Benji

Well said, boy.

~ Tiger

That’s all for now.

~ Susanne and Benji

11 Comments on “Celebrating Benji – A Look at 2017

  1. You have a real way of capturing the cats with your camera. I am grateful that you have the skill and share it with us. Your bird and cat pictures cheer me up regularly.

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