The Best of Benji

“Okay Benji, it’s time to celebrate! This week is all about you!”

“Isn’t it always Sue?”

“Well. Yes. But I mean on the blog. It was four years ago that we brought you home from Seattle Humane. You looked so sweet and innocent back then. Little did we know …”

“Know what, Sue?”

“How much fun you would be Benji! And how much excitement you would bring us!!”

“We do what we can Sue.”

“Yes Benji, anyway, I thought we could celebrate this week by sharing a story from each year you’ve been with us. Here’s my favorite from 2016.”

The Many Faces of Benji

“Hey Benji, I’d like to take some pictures of you to submit to American Rescue Cat magazine.  They’re looking for their next Cover Cat. Just pretend I don’t have a camera.”

“Sure!  Love to!”   he replied.  “How’s this?”

“Hmmmm,”  I said.  “Very nice.  Only I’m looking for something more relaxed.  Maybe you could tone it down just a bit.”

“Okay, okay.”  he said excitedly.  “I know exactly what you mean.  Something more like this?””

“Great Benji,”  I said. “Really good.  Only ….. well the eyes,  Benji.  Maybe we should forget the props and just go for a headshot.”

“Sure!”  he said.  “I can do it!  How about this?”

“Good Benji, good. But I’m looking for something a bit more natural. Say, why don’t we try again tomorrow when we’re both fresh?”

“Okay ” he said.  “I give up.”

“That’s it Benji! I got it!”

The End

More to come,

Susanne and Benji

13 Comments on “The Best of Benji

  1. He has really made an impact on your life, and in your home. Nice to have such a character around to make you forget the ‘bad stuff’. Ollie does that for me, for the past eight years.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. Benji has been so much fun! I’m glad you have Ollie too! We are both lucky to have faithful, furry companions! 🙂

    • I thought so too! When I wrote that little story back in 2016, I had no idea he would almost make it. But we had to settle for getting into this year’s International Cat Care Calendar, though not on the cover! 🙂

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