Celebrating Benji with a Little Cat Humor

It was four years ago that we brought the sweet Benji home to live with us and this week we’re celebrating by looking back. Today I’m bringing you highlights from 2018, starting with a few of my favorite photos and one of my favorite stories from the year.

A Little Cat Humor

“Whatcha doing there Benji?”

“Taking my bath, Sue. Getting ready for the big trip.”

“What trip is that, Benji?”

“I don’t know. Wherever it is you’re going. I’d like to come along if you don’t mind.”

“But Benji, you don’t like riding in the car, have you forgotten? I think you’d be much happier at home. But I’ll bring you back a present, I promise.”

And a few days later I did.

He was enthralled.

~ Susanne and Benji

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    • We got him from Seattle Humane, who had only gotten him a few days before. They told us he came from a crazy cat lady’s house where he was rescued along with 40 other cats. But his ear was still raw and I know Seattle Humane wouldn’t have tipped it. So my best guess is he was rescued from the cat lady by an organization who tipped his ear and then dropped him by Seattle Humane. If only he could tell me the real story!

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