Catnip Conundrum

I have an empty garden bed.

It’s empty because the boys use it to sleep in.

“It’s a bed, isn’t it?” asks Tiger.

“What else is it for?” adds Benji.

“Right, but you already use the other beds. Give me a chance, with this one, okay?”

“Sure, says, Benji! “How about planting some catnip?”

“Hmmm, catnip,” I thought to myself. “An attractive herb.”

Then I remembered the last time I bought some and left it on the deck.

Benji discovered it first.

Then Tiger came along.

And couldn’t stay upright.

Let’s just say the catnip never made it into the ground.

It’s a conundrum.

~ Susanne

21 Comments on “Catnip Conundrum

  1. Catnip, the ‘Legal High’ for cats. If it worked on humans, it would save me a lot of money spent on red wine! πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Perhaps plant just one seed or starter plant in a hanging basket (well out of reach of exploring kitties), maybe make a hanging herb garden with some culinary herbs too, ones you like that also are safe for cats. This spring I had to resort to hanging baskets as the hens were way too interested in trampling and sampling things at ground level. Now there are four “shepherd hook” hangers each with baskets of assorted chicken-safe flowers and culinary herbs. It was nice to be able to quickly pull the baskets into the barn during the frost warnings (two more just last week). Then in a few weeks, you could occasionally harvest a catnip leaf or two for occasional feline celebrations. Camera at the ready, of course!

    • Actually, the other beds are mostly filled with herbs, including catmint which they love. But catnip seems to be much stronger and sends them over the edge. If I planted any out of reach it would make them crazy! 😻 I’m not sure how to fill the empty bed as they lay on whatever I plant. There still may be dahlias in there that will try to come up. We’ll see!

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