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Benji in Training

Perhaps this is wishful thinking so let me explain. Benji and I share an office. I have my chair. He has his perch. Every morning after I feed him I retreat to my office to enjoy my coffee. Every morning Benji joins me. I… Continue Reading “Benji in Training”

Home is Where the Catnip Is

It’s good to be back in the Great Northwest and to celebrate I opened the box where the catnip is stored. Benji dove in and found it a suitable resting place. ~ Susanne and Benji

The Kitties and the Catnip

I used to have a nice patch of catmint growing next to the fence, a bit ratty looking at times but loved by both kitties. One day, after a zealous weeding frenzy, my husband asked me to come out and take a look at… Continue Reading “The Kitties and the Catnip”

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