Sunset over Astoria

In my last post I shared with you an unexpected moonrise over Long Beach – in fact I posted it while still on the road. Sometimes pictures burn a hole in my pocket and demand to be shared sooner than later. 😉

The next night there was an amazing sunset in Astoria, the historic town across the Columbia River in Oregon.

By then we’d heard about the wildfires in eastern Washington, and the wind finally brought the smoke to the coast.

It was otherworldly.

I’m home now, looking out my office window. The sky is dark – pink, orange and red, with terrible beauty due to terrible wildfires.

Hoping the rain comes soon to extinguish the fires and clear the air.

~ Susanne

24 Comments on “Sunset over Astoria

  1. A dramatic sunset indeed. I read about the Bolt Creek fire today. Just sounds awful and not good for your air quality.

  2. How wonderful. My sister is actually camping and visiting friends in Oregon. Last week she was in the Astoria area. Beautiful photos.

  3. Here in Colorado, we often get lovely sunsets due to the wretched smoke. However, we don’t have anything near to your bridge. Excellent photos!

  4. Wow. Beautiful but for the cause of the red sun. Been through fire smoke down here in southern Colorado, but thankfully not Since the fires in New Mexico earlier this summer. Not fun and not good for the lungs.

    • We thought we escaped this year but had two recent fires in eastern Washington. It made for a few days of brilliant sunsets, but fortunately the skies here have cleared.

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