Cat Shenanigans

“Why the title, Sue?”

“You of all cats should know, Benji!”

“We missed you, Sue! That’s all.”

“It was only 3 days. When are you boys going to realize we will ALWAYS come back!”

“You can’t be too sure, Sue. I have abandonment issues from kittenhood. You know that. “

“Me too, Sue.”

“Yes, Tiger, I know. But after all these years, you’d think you boys could handle a few days without all the shenanigans.”

“What shenanigans?”

“Surely you remember our first night back, Tiger. All your wanderings and whining!

“Sorry, Sue.”

“And you, Benji! Bringing a LIVE critter into the house? I’ll have to check more carefully before I let you in!”

“It was a gift, Sue!”

“Thank you, but I can do without those kinds of gifts.”

“Sorry, Sue. I promise to do better next time. Anyway, we’re glad you’re back.”

“Me too, Benji. And just so you know. I miss you both when we’re gone. I’m done ranting. You can go back to sleep now.”

~ Susanne, Tiger & Benji

17 Comments on “Cat Shenanigans

    • It does feel that way. Benji is so affectionate when we come home and really did excitedly bring me a “gift.’ And Tiger is completely out-of-sorts for days and extra needy!

  1. How thoughtful of you Benji to get your human a gift even after she abandoned you for a few days.

  2. Hehe! What a “gift”! I’m sure you hurt his feelings when you rejected the gift!! Growing up, our cat Missy would bring us all sorts of presents. Once she dragged a opossum home (it was dead) and laid it on the welcome mat on the porch – practically caused my mother to have a heart attack!

    • Oh wow, an opossum! I’ve occasionally seen one in the backyard at night but since they’re bigger I assume the cats would stay away from them. I hope that’s true.

      And true, Benji probably didn’t understand my reaction to his gift, since it was no doubt out of his love for me!!

  3. Cats never seem to forget any poor treatment from when they were young, however much care and love is showered on them in later life. I guess those anxieties come to the fore when they’re left for a few days? Still, they seem to get over it pretty quickly 🙂

    • Tiger disappears when we return and is bothered for a couple days, then wants attention. Benji is so excited and affectionate and, as in this case, sometimes brings me a ‘gift’ to show me how happy he is we returned.

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