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Summer Weed or Flower?

The dandelion is an herb with medicinal properties, traditionally used to treat various ailments and infections; it can be made into tea or wine and used in soups and salads. I’ve never eaten one. I still consider it a weed, growing tenaciously where it… Continue Reading “Summer Weed or Flower?”

Dropping by with Wildflowers for Earth Day

I’ve been busy road tripping this month and haven’t had much time for photo challenges. So in between my travel posts I thought I’d share some wildflowers for earth day for Becky’s Squares and Sunday Stills from our road trip. First are daisies I… Continue Reading “Dropping by with Wildflowers for Earth Day”

Paradise in Bloom, Nisqually Glacier and Christine Falls!

Everybody knows that August is the best time to visit Paradise to see the wildflowers in bloom but somehow I always miss it   We usually visit early in the season, as soon as the roads are passable;  here’s what it looked like in… Continue Reading “Paradise in Bloom, Nisqually Glacier and Christine Falls!”

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