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Summertime in Seattle means the Blue Angels!

You know that summer has arrived in Seattle when you hear the jets overhead! The real show is at the Hydroplane races today, but we caught the Blue Angels practicing over Lake Washington yesterday at the end of the Cedar River Trail. Sharing with… Continue Reading “Summertime in Seattle means the Blue Angels!”

Cedar River Walk and Surprise! – It’s the Blue Angels!

My walk on the Cedar River Trail today yielded more than steps on my Fitbit.  For it’s Seafair Weekend and the Blue Angels took to the sky just after I made it to the southern shores of Lake Washington.  I wish I could say… Continue Reading “Cedar River Walk and Surprise! – It’s the Blue Angels!”

It Happened at Seafair

*This post is dedicated to my husband Bob * It was a different time and a different town. There was a big airplane company but no technology.  The Smith Tower but no Space Needle. There were wrestling matches and roller derby and stock car… Continue Reading “It Happened at Seafair”

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