Summertime in Seattle means the Blue Angels!

You know that summer has arrived in Seattle when you hear the jets overhead!

The real show is at the Hydroplane races today, but we caught the Blue Angels practicing over Lake Washington yesterday at the end of the Cedar River Trail.

Sharing with Sunday Stills.

~ Susanne

30 Comments on “Summertime in Seattle means the Blue Angels!

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  2. Spectacular images, Susanne! The Lumix does an amazing job capturing the motion and the color! In Sacramento, we were a few blocks from Mather Air Field where the Blue Angels flew in September. They flew right over our neighborhood, so cool! I always joked that I could see the whites of their eyes, they flew so low while practicing. You really got close in that last shot!

    • Thanks, Terri! I love it when the Blue Angels are in town! We found the perfect location to watch them practice yesterday, though not perhaps as good as yours in Sacramento!

  3. My sister is in Pensacola Beach Florida and the Blue Angels are based there but they spend January -March in California… It is always a thrill when they practice!!

  4. Is that part of ‘Sea Fair’ ❓ I saw those activities & Parades in1961, 1963, 1965, & 1967 visiting relatives in King County Washington. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories 🙂

    • Yes they come for Seafair every year, but Seafair was put on hold due to covid the last 2 years. It’s good to have them back again along with the hydroplane races and other festivities. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  5. Never did see them when I was there. That next to last one where they’re so close together as they disappear behind the trees is something else.

    • Thanks, Graham. When I worked downtown we’d see them around before Seafair weekend and run to the windows to watch. I was on the 43rd floor, and they seemed so close like they.were buzzing the skyscrapers.
      They’re so fast it was hard to track them with my camera but I had fun trying.

    • They’re always wonderful to watch! The power of the jets and precision of the pilots is amazing! They come every year for Seafair, but not since 2019 due to covid. It was great to have them back again!

  6. I grew up just east of Seattle in North Bend. Used to love seeing the blue angels!! I loved all your photos. I just couldn’t get around to joining in this week and having some issues with my photos but wanted to make sure I visited everyone.

  7. I was hoping we would be able to see some of this (or at least their coming and going) from our house, but no luck. We did spot the Canadian boats coming in though. Nice shots!

    • Sorry you didn’t get to see them, but I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures! And it’s fun to see the boats come in! 🙂

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