Cedar River Walk and Surprise! – It’s the Blue Angels!

My walk on the Cedar River Trail today yielded more than steps on my Fitbit.  For it’s Seafair Weekend and the Blue Angels took to the sky just after I made it to the southern shores of Lake Washington.  I wish I could say it was perfect planning on my part – but no – I stumbled upon the occasion and enjoyed it along with the rest.

It was perfect weather – sunshine – blue skies – and a little breeze to cut the heat – so I took a seat and waited for the show to begin.

A festive atmosphere prevailed among those of us gathered on the dock. Pleasant chattering, oohs and ahhhs, listening for the roar of the jets which was out of synch with the visuals.

Lots of birds gathered too and they occasionally took to the sky and got into the picture.

Next up are the Hydroplane Races,  part of Seattle’s Seafair history and tradition – part of my husband’s history too.  You many remember his story if you’ve followed my blog for a while; if not, feel free to look back at an earlier time – It Happened at Seafair.

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “Cedar River Walk and Surprise! – It’s the Blue Angels!

  1. Terrific photos! I read someone saying that the Blue Angles and Hydroplans would be put to rest – I say these traditions are powerful and important to our history!

  2. I grew up watching these guys perform. I just saw a special on them too. Wonderful photos!! Brings back lots of memories. 😀

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