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A Walk through Federation Forest fueled by the Black Diamond Bakery

Talk about social distancing! Yesterday Bob and I had the trails to ourselves at Federation Forest as we walked under the canopy of old growth evergreens with the sound of the White River flowing nearby. To get there we headed south on the Maple…

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The day after Thanksgiving we went for a drive to Federation Forest and found the evergreens dusted with snow. It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. It was also a surprise to find the gate to the park locked. But no matter; we left…

Enjoying the Great Outdoors at Federation Forest

We passed by this beautiful spot many times on our way to somewhere else but finally made Federation Forest our destination. According to the brochure, “the park is home to stands of majestic, old-growth evergreen trees – some more than 1,000 years old. Visitors…

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