Postcards from Oahu

I told my husband before we left that I wouldn’t be blogging and I believed it; he did not.

So as not to let him down, I thought I’d at least send some postcards to share the aloha from Oahu. Words will come in later posts.

Soon the crashing waves, warm ocean breezes, flora and fauna and island time, will join my other memories of Hawaii, all fleeting moments.

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28 Comments on “Postcards from Oahu

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  2. Oahu has so many amazing photo ops, Susanne! Love them all. Not sure if I ever photographed King Kamehameha while we were there. The image of Footprints on the beach is an iconic fleeting moment image for sure. Thanks for the postcards and see you when you get back home! I hope you are enjoying the trip and savoring every moment!

    • Thanks so much, Terri! Amazing photo ops everywhere indeed, all beautiful and we are enjoying! Will return to the NW soon, and hoping cooler temps will clear away the smokey skies we are reading about.

  3. Always wanted to go to Hawaii but never yet made it! Your photos make me want to even more πŸ˜† The lush green mountains, the reflected sunset, that little bird – all beautiful! And of course the cute kitty πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Sarah. It’s a bit farther for you but still worth it, I think. It is definitely lush, I especially love the flora and fauna. And the beach kitties were fun since I miss my own! 😻

  4. An oasis of photos. I’m glad you sent the postcards. It will also remind you of these moments. I love the weasel-looking creatures. I won’t ask you any questions so you can enjoy you time with your husband. Lol. I will look forward to your words….too

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