Beach Kitties of Oahu

I miss these two when I’m gone.

They miss me too.

But at least I was able to get my fill of cats from the beach kitties of Oahu.

Even so, it’s good to be back home.

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “Beach Kitties of Oahu

    • Aww. Thank you. They looked healthy to me too and there was food around, so I think locals take care of them. And with temps between 75 and 85 year-round they wouldn’t get cold! 🙂

  1. I hope you had a great time in Hawaii, Susanne. Unfortunately, those beach cats are hosts where Toxoplasma gondii reproduce, then are spread through their feces. When these wash into the ocean they get into the food chain there and can be fatal if ingested by endangered Hawaiian monk seals. It’s a leading cause of death for the seals.

  2. I always love to see Tiger and Benji, but it’s good too to meet these beach cats 🙂 They look healthy despite being homeless – I guess the climate there agrees with them.

    • I always miss the boys when we’re gone, but seeing these beach cats helped! Hawaii does seem to have a large wild cat population, but they seemed fed and content.

    • I don’t remember seeing so many cats on Oahu before. But I did see a lot of them in Hilo on the Big Island. Not sure why there are so many, but they appear to be cared for by the locals and they stay warm enough year-round.

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