Home Again, Home Again to Smokey Skies and Fall Color

I woke to these views earlier this week –

and returned to smokey skies and the worst air quality in the world.


Still, there was beautiful fall color to be found at Coulon Park in Renton before the storm hit.

After the driest summer on record in Seattle, the rain has finally returned with a vengeance cooling the temperatures and clearing the sky.

The locals are rejoicing.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “Home Again, Home Again to Smokey Skies and Fall Color

  1. The fires that have raged throughout the American west create such awful air quality and there’s nothing you can do except hope the weather changes to help out like it finally did for you.

    • Yes, the day after we returned the air was smokey and hazardous, the worst in the world! We all kept waiting for the rain to rescue us and it finally arrived and will be with us for the next week.

  2. I am glad that you guys got the rain to help with the smoke and fires. That weather system is working its way down to Las Vegas. 84 degrees today, 68 for tomorrow. There’s no place like home!

  3. Beautiful tree colors in the “home” photos! I hope the rain takes some of the ash and particulates out of the air – eventually the smoke will make its way to the Midwest if weather patterns are to be trusted (they’re not)…

    • Thank you! I was happy to see the color before the storm hit. We have heavy rain and hail today which has definitely improved the air quality and hopefully doused any remaining wildfires in the Cascades.

  4. Last few weeks, we were right up there with Seattle area (third from your position as world’s worst) with smoke consistently at hazardous-for-all levels. Rainstorm just last night – first in many months – now I can breathe again. I don’t think we will have autumn color, though. Because of the drought many trees simply dropped leaves early. What’s remaining at least here on my little Willamette Valley farm in Oregon – dull, spotted, insect-holed, yellowish brown. Not seeing any reds anywhere. No bright yellow either. Lots of fir trees dropped brown needles like crazy, too. So my request – please keep posting autumn color photos because your beautiful photography may be the closest I get to a true autumn!

    • Thanks for your comment. 😊 I was happy to find some beautiful colorful still remaining after we returned home from Hawaii. Not sure what else I’ll find, but if I find more I’ll post pictures!

  5. I read about all the smoke. I’m glad you had some rain to wash it away. We could use a little rain here right now. Bone dry in my area, which is unusual.

    • We had a terribly dry summer and smokey October due to wildfires in the Cascades and were waiting for the rain to come and help us out! It finally arrived in full force the last couple days and the air quality is normal again. We’re all breathing a sigh of relief.

    • Thank you. I was hoping to get back in time to see the color at Coulon Park and was able to catch the end of it before the rain arrived. It’s the best display of fall color in the area and it didn’t disappoint.

  6. What an incredible difference in the scenery in one day, Susanne! Both are extraordinary in their own ways! I bet you will miss lovely Hawaii but home among the autumn splendor is the best! Welcome home!!

    • Thanks, Terri. I got back just in time for the rains to hit and wash away the smoke here in the Northwest. Such is life. We really did have a great time and as I’m reviewing my pictures, I realize what a special place Hawaii is! πŸ™‚

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