Busy Bees and Elusive Butterflies

We finally got the heat wave the rest of the country has been experiencing. Yesterday it was a blazing hot 97 degrees and we’re still expecting temperatures in the mid-nineties the rest of the week. It’s been too hot in my office to blog.

But today I was up early with the windows open and cool air coming in so I thought I’d bring you some pictures while I can.

It may be too hot for me, but the bees seem to be thriving.

And I’ve been tracking the elusive butterfly for several weeks now.

I’ve seen one or more swallowtails fluttering around in the garden high among the trees, teasing me it seems. I have lots of pictures like this. πŸ˜‰

Still, I’ve been persistent and finally saw one land and stay still long enough for me to get some pictures.

When it did, I noticed its tail seemed a bit ragged.

Do these beautiful creatures fight? Did a bird take a bite?

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for them to have some damage on their wings and continue to fly and function.

Hopefully I’ll get more photos of them whole, but this will do for now.

~ Susanne

33 Comments on “Busy Bees and Elusive Butterflies

  1. Beautiful bee pics and love the butterfly pictures! Those guys are fast, so hard to get pics of them. It’s been hot here too, yesterday was 102Β° and today supposed to be 108Β°. I’m staying inside in the A/C!

    • Thanks! Yes, it took a lot of time and chasing for the butterflies to finally land. 😊 Inside with A/C makes sense for today.

  2. Love the buzzy bee photos, Susanne. I really enjoy when our butterflies come to visit us, and they have not disappointed so far this season. I know you folks have all the heat right now and hope you get some relief sooner than later.

    • Thanks so much! I love bees and butterflies too! Bees are much easier to photograph. Looks like our heatwave will last through the weekend. We’ll survive. 😊

  3. Very photogenic bees! I’m so glad you have managed a photo of the butterfly – tattered or not, it is still beautiful!

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