Outside at Last – A Reminiscence from Tiger

A true cat tale from the Tiger archives.

* * * *

This was some years ago when I”d been rescued from the cat jail and was settling into my new home.

I was relaxing on Sue’s desk when I felt a strange tingling on my neck and knew I was being watched.

I turned around and saw black eyes peering at me through the window.

zoo bear raccoon saeugentier
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was not afraid, no not I, but Sue came unglued and started yelling, “Bob!  There’s a raccoon on our roof!”

The next thing you know Bob’s pumping up the BB gun, running outside to scare off the old bandit. It took me a while to settle down after all the commotion but settle down I did and pondered – there really are raccoons! 

What else was out there?  Up till then I’d been an “indoor cat” – I even hate the name, no offense to the rest of the kingdom. In my previous lives, I wasn’t allowed to go outside – not even a short walk in a fenced yard. Never got to hunt in the wild like my ancestors did or jump in the air to grab a flying creature.  Instead, I had to content myself with a stray spider in the house, a slow-moving housefly or worse yet, chittering at crows and squirrels through the window.

Well, I thought, this raccoon may set back any efforts to go outside.  Still, I vowed to continue working on it so day by day, I stood by the sliding glass door, crying pitifully, with sad eyes.  I promised I would stay inside the fence and always come in at night when called.  (Uh-huh.)  And as the days grew longer and the sun grew brighter and the squirrels began running frantically to and fro, begging me to come out and play, Bob and Sue FINALLY opened the door! 

And for that I will always be grateful.

~ Tiger

26 Comments on “Outside at Last – A Reminiscence from Tiger

  1. Oh Tiger, I feel for you being stuck inside during your early years. I’m pleased Sue and Bob finally gave in and permitted you to be the adventurous outside Tiger you’d always yearned to be!

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ It’s a true story. I’ll never forget sitting in my office with Tiger and seeing a raccoon peering through the window! Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often!

      • You have to be sure that your home exteriour offers no way in, they will invade!

      • No worry about that. We used to have a large patch of woods behind our house, unfortunately now replaced by a housing development. So there used to be more raccoons in the neighborhood than now. They never tried to get in. Only this once did I see one on the roof in front of my office, and it was many years ago.

      • That’s good that the coon went away, sorry about the new homes though. Humans love to knock down a forest…

  2. Oh I love those paws….but I think the biscuit-hook display may have been a warning to that raccy never to return to a garden that is the sole possession of Tiger!

    • Aren’t those paws wonderful? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Raccoons are history in the garden with Tiger and Benji out and about! πŸ™‚

  3. Tiger is a handsome fellow! I’m glad he has the opportunity to revel in the outdoors! My cat was interested in the outside but as soon as he was out he frantically and immediately wanted back in!

    • At least you gave him a chance to decide if he liked it or not. 😻 Tiger doesn’t go out as much as he used to but still loves to wander in the garden.

  4. We have several indoor/outdoor cats amd they always give any raccoons a VERY wide berth ! They don’t mind the possums much though.

    • I get very nervous if I see a raccoon in the area and the cats do too and stay far away. We rarely see possums here, thankfully!

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