The Promised Snow Has Arrived! And Hummingbirds, too!

It was only a tease yesterday, the promise of a White Christmas for those who care about such things. But this morning the snow appeared, clothing the evergreens with its beauty and providing joy in the Great Northwest!

I bundle up and venture outside to keep the feeders thawed out and water available for my favorite little birds and they appreciate it.

Temperatures will drop down into the teens this week so the loveliness should stick around. Happy Day! πŸ™‚

~ Susanne

24 Comments on “The Promised Snow Has Arrived! And Hummingbirds, too!

    • Thanks! 18 degrees here this morning! 😯 I try to keep the feeders full year-round but especially during the winter. I’ll be taking them out soon.

    • Yes, I know how you feel about snow! πŸ˜„β„ I’m bringing the feeders in at night and rotating them during the day as they start to freeze. The hummers appreciate it! 😊

    • Thank you! Yes, they stay here year-round so hopefully they should be okay even as the temperatures plunge! I did another post today about the Anna’s. They’re remarkable little birds!

      • That’s a relief; they only live with us during the summer, so I wasn’t sure.

  1. Looks beautiful! And always love it when people feed the birds in these colder times. For me it’s no use trying to feed birds. While there are cute birds around, all I’d attract is pigeons and I don’t want them anywhere near, haha!

      • Lucky you! Pigeons thrive in cities. I’d rather feed blackbirds, sparrows etc. Have never seen a hummingbird in real life. They look so delicate!

      • We have a lot of trees on our property so we attract many small birds. The hummers are so special. 😊 I mostly see pigeons on the lakes and sound and of course in parking lots where they’re looking for a handout!

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