At Paradise On Mt. Rainier with Hike to Myrtle Falls

For the past week or so I’ve been sharing with you the beauty of Olympic National Park, perhaps my favorite of them all. But a short visit to Paradise yesterday to see the wildflowers in bloom on Mt. Rainier left me breathless.

And how we ever missed this sweet hike to Myrtle Falls I’ll never know; an easy trail behind Paradise Inn, one mile round trip to one of the most beautiful views in the park.

I’m so happy to have this Mountain in my backyard. And happy there are still trails waiting to be discovered.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “At Paradise On Mt. Rainier with Hike to Myrtle Falls

  1. โ€œHeavenlyโ€ barely does this justice. Such beautiful shots, what a gorgeous place!

      • It looks amazing and right up my alley. So I hope I get to go there myself one day. In the mean time, Iโ€™ll enjoy your blog posts and photos! ๐Ÿ™‚

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