Ruby Beach at Olympic National Park

Even the name is beautiful.

On our recent trip to Olympic National Park we stopped to enjoy Ruby Beach on Washington’s wild Coast. Kalaloch just south may be more famous but to me Ruby Beach is more beautiful and mysterious. We arrived and walked to the overlook, then headed down the wooded path

until thick shrubs became a canopy over our heads.

We left the tunnel and arrived at the beach, greeted by drift logs.

Morning fog hung low over the trees;

and giant rocks looked like sleeping giants.

We walked up the beach

until the fog began to lift and blue sky appeared.

Can you smell the ocean air?

After we had our fill, we headed back to the tunnel and onto the wooded trail to our next adventure.

Shared with Sunday Stills, Beautiful Beaches.

~ Susanne

21 Comments on “Ruby Beach at Olympic National Park

  1. Lovely beaches on the Washington coast. Have to make a bit of an effort to get to them though. Looks like you had a representative experience with the fog and driftwood.

    • Yes, they are a bit off the beaten path. Makes them mostly deserted which is nice. Not quite like the warm swimmable beaches of Hawaii but great for a walk.

  2. I’ve never been to a beach in Washington, but would like to go some day. Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. It does look primeaval there. I can imagine neanderthals walking there, collecting firewood.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Beautiful! I’m going to share this, as many haven’t ever had the chance to see close the incredible natural beauty of the west coast!

  5. As a child I played endlessly in the massive amount of driftwood on every Oregon beach. We also made fires each evening in an old log to roast wieners and marshmallows. Over the years the wood gradually disappeared since the mills had been closed. And eventually it was illegal to make fires in the driftwood. Your photos reminded me of all that. Thanks.

    • Great memories. Thanks for sharing them. Our beaches out west are wild and rugged. The further north you go, the wilder they get. Fallen trees stay right where they land.

      • Do you ever stumble, as I have, upon a dead cow washed down a creek onto the beach? Quite a shock.

      • Oh my! Never. But I have come across a dead seal on the beach, not as surprising I suppose, but very sad. πŸ˜”

      • But it would be more likely than a dead cow! I think it must have been when Tillamook flooded so badly.

  6. Wow! That is pretty! And yes, I can almost smell the ocean air😊 Do you know why it’s called Ruby beach? It seems like there must be a story behind the name…πŸ€”

    • I think it was named for reddish crystals in the sand though I must admit I didn’t see any rubies lying around.πŸ˜€

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