And Yet There is Still Beauty

I, like you, have been greatly disturbed, distressed, and even depressed over what I have seen in our country this past week. Yes, I remember the sixties but this feels worse somehow.

I am doing my best to stay focused on the things I can do, supporting the protesters, praying for change and voting in the fall.

In the meantime we managed to escape to the coast for a few days, our first getaway since the pandemic started. We are still adhering to all the proper protocols and social distancing; I’ll be sharing more from our trip soon.

But I thought you would enjoy a preview from our visit to Fort Columbia this morning, where this deer was feeding. Beautiful and unafraid, it approached where I was standing. I gave it room and quietly backed away to maintain social distancing even in nature.

Thankful there is still beauty in the world.

– Susanne

27 Comments on “And Yet There is Still Beauty

  1. Like you, Susanne, I remember the 60’s and it seemed different than now. We were protesting thinking we would make things different, no more moronic wars, no more racist hatred. And we wereh wrong on both counts. Maybe this time we will get things right.
    And here at my place the deer think they own the place. Love this time of year when the fawns are exploring their new world.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Perhaps it seems worse now because of the pandemic, excesses of social media and our current administration. Either way, this too shall pass, hopefully with some changes in place. And I was so happy to have encountered this little deer this morning. So pure and lovely!

  2. Lovely photos! Deer are so dainty, and beautiful but a hazard to my garden flowers. 🌼

  3. Oh what a pretty picture! You really got a good close up of the deer! I was thinking the other day how, even with all that’s going on in the world, the flowers are still blooming and, like you said, nature is still beautiful!

  4. I loved the images of the outdoors you shared. Here I just had bird food delivered so I could refill all the feeders and focus on the birds. It is different from the 60’s, though I am different too at 73 and not 21, so I am not sure which distinction is which, the times or my ages.

    • Thanks so much. I was truly encouraged by that little deer. There’s nothing like nature to soothe the soul! I think there’s a combination of things making it seem worse today, including the general political state of our country and the pandemic. And the fact that we seem to have made no progress at all on racial equality and justice.

      • Who could have predicted that it would take personal video cameras to reveal the dark underbelly of some of the country.

  5. HOW BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for reading – good to ‘meet’ you! I once saw a deer in South Wales, UK, quite close too. A memorable moment. Best wishes,

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