Unwinding with yellow roses and the new block editor

It’s true I’m unwinding. After returning from our first mini vacation in months I’m happy to be home – to my cats – my own bed – and ordinary food.

I’ll share from our trip to the Long Beach Peninsula over the next week or so – the historic towns, the lighthouses and forts and bicycling the Discovery Trail.

In the meantime here are some yellow roses from my garden – also unwinding – and brought to you by the new Block Editor.

Yes, I’m experimenting with the new editor. It’s not terrible and it’s not perfect either. I still have access to the Classic Editor but I’m finding that moving between the two can be tricky. How about you? Have you made the switch?

~ Susanne

35 Comments on “Unwinding with yellow roses and the new block editor

  1. Lovely photos! I’ve made the switch but I haven’t used it yet… I’m a bit apprehensive about it!

    • Thanks so much! It’s not as painful as I thought it would be but there are some things I’m not happy with. It looks like the Classic Editor is still available, so I may use both for a while.

  2. I haven’t switched because learning new tech isn’t always easy for me. So I’m staying with the old classic editor.

  3. I have moved to the Block and after several frustrating days and with the help from WordPress tecnical support, I am pretty happy with it. Tech support was a great help in helping me solve my issues.

    • Good to know. I’ll stick with it for a while and try to get used to it. But it’s nice to know the Classic is available as backup.

  4. I made the switch last week, but I still like the old one better. I might use both for awhile too. I love the yellow rose…beautiful!

  5. Beautiful yellow rose! Most likely it’s beauty has to do with the photographer and not the new block editor. I have tried it and also have the classic editor still available. Switching between the two is very tricky, and I have to learn to stick with one or the other. Knowing how long classic will be around is the real trick, I suppose!

    • Thank you. ☺ I’ll try to master the Block Editor if I can, but there are some functions I’m still having trouble with. I hope they keep Classic around as backup but who knows?

  6. Gorgeous yellow roses! I have not tried the new editor yet, but I suppose I should sometime soon.

    • Thanks so much! I love yellow roses. 😊

      The look and feel of the Block Editor is quite different and can be frustrating. I hope I master it but in the meantime I’m glad the Classic is still around.

  7. I am still with the 2012 version, and clinging onto it with my fingernails! I haven’t even looked at the new one. I am having trouble getting W10 on my PC to recognise my portable hard drive, with ALL of my old photos on it! That has caused me enough tears and frustration, without even thinking about the stupidly unnecessary and annoying block editor.
    Lovely photos though! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Oh no! Sorry about the portable hard drive issue! I recently bought one myself (at your suggestion) though a different brand. Maybe you have to download new software for it to work with Windows 10? I’m sure you’ll get it figured out but nothing like computers and technology to make you pull your hair out!! 😶 Anyway, no need to rush into the Block Editor as it looks like the Classic may stick around awhile. Fingers crossed!

  8. I’m reading all of the comments here. I am too scared to try Block Editor. I did a blog post yesterday and “it” didn’t say anything, “it” just let me use Classic. Maybe “it” didn’t notice me……

    • The rollout of the new block editor is a bit mysterious. When I selected to ‘try it’ it the first time, I think it became my new default editor. But when I create a new post, I can still select which editor to use from a drop-down list if I want to. There are a few things I like about the Block Editor but it also seems tricky to use. Hopefully with more experience I’ll get used to it, but I’m glad the Classic is still available, at least for now.

  9. I’ll use the classic as long as I can.
    Beautiful rose. I raised a lot of roses when my knees were good. I don’t remember one with as brilliant yellow color as yours. What kind and variety is it?

    • Seems like a consensus on the new block editor. I dont remember the name of the rose just that it’s a floribunda. I usually keep the tags but can’t find this one. The plant itself is kind of flimsy but the flowers are wonderful.

  10. Lovely roses you have there. I’ve been using the block editor for a while now and it’s OK. I find it a bit clunky and not very intuitive but I’m used to it now. They seem to keep tweaking it. Recently, when you add a block, their first offerings are all, in my opinion, useless and stupid. I have to scroll down to select the obvious image or text blocks. That pointless change also heralded the switch where the Document/Block options on the right disappeared and I have to click on settings to get them back. None of these things are a big deal, and easily worked around, but they do seem intent on making the block editor as unwelcoming as they can. I have no idea why that is.

    • Thanks for your detailed reply. I’ve only used it a few times and agree it is not at all user friendly. I’ve only used the paragraph block and the image block.. Not even sure what all those other ones are for. My biggest issue currently is that ‘Preview’ doesn’t work for me; when I click it I get a 404 error. I have to go back to where my posts are listed in the dashboard to preview. Do you have that issue?

      • Preview is an odd one for me. It ceased working for me before I started using the block editor. I think it was because I use a laptop and have it in Private Browsing mode as much as possible. Then a few weeks ago, after I’d been using the block editor for a while, I found I could access Preview again (without changing my settings) and it’s been fine since. A 404 error sounds like it might be a glitch on their end so it might be worth getting in touch with WordPress. Good luck with that.

  11. I seem to be using the old editor despite their warnings that it would have disappeared by now. Lovely that you got to leave home long enough to be glad to get back to it. The only place I have gone in two and a half months was to get a mammogram. Hardly an outing to remember.

    • I’m thinking they’re going to keep what they call the ‘classic editor’ around for a while. I see it as an option when I create a post, even though my default is now the block editor. Almost all the comments I’ve seen on the block editor so far have been negative and my experience bears that out.

      It’s always good to go to the ocean, even though things aren’t entirely back to normal yet. Better than going for a mammogram, I totally agree! 😉

  12. I love the yellow roses. They remind me of my grandma. She loved yellow roses. In fact she was the one that informed me that yellow roses are a sign of friendship. When she told me that, I decided to give my closest friends a yellow rose as part of their birthday gifts every year. As far as the new editor goes here on WordPress, the jury is still out on it. I guess it is just hard to deal with change.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the roses! I’m still trying the new editor and will see how it goes. Most of the comments I’ve seen aren’t favorable but maybe it will get better.

  13. Fantastic rose photos! I forgot about the block editor since I don’t think I’ve done a post since it officially launched. I did see where you could try it out earlier but I thought, “Nah…”. While I may be somewhat “tech-savvy” in some areas, I don’t do well with “non-user friendly” stuff…🤔 But now I’m curious to try it out and see for myself.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the roses. 😊There may be some good features to the new editor but I haven’t found it to be user friendly. But at least the classic is still around, so you’re not stuck using the block editor if you don’t want to, at least for now.

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