Never Wake a Sleeping Tiger – Refrain

Tiger reminded me that I have not posted anything from him for quite some time.

(Sorry Tiger.)

So here’s a picture of the handsome one doing what he does best.

And again in his own words, from the earliest days of this blog in case  you missed it  –  Never Wake a Sleeping Tiger.

Not much has changed.

~ Susanne and Tiger

22 Comments on “Never Wake a Sleeping Tiger – Refrain

    • Well, I certainly had to go back and take a look and see if I had somehow overlooked a stray pickle in the photo! 😉 Aha! That is ‘Fishy,’ a toy full of catnip and loved by both Tiger and Benji. 🙂

  1. My cat was named tiger. Caught rabbits till 18 years old. Passed at 21.5. Your tiger has longer hair, but looks like a snuggler… 😎

    • Wow, 21.5! My Tiger is still a baby by comparison, only going on 12 in March! He doesn’t hunt much these days, leaving that to his little brother, Benji! 🙂

  2. I was going to ask if that was Benji’s “fishy” in the picture! But in reading the comments I see it was😊I love when they sleep on their backs like that 💖

    • Good eye! I hadn’t even paid attention to Fishy until Elizabeth asked about the pickle! 😉 I finally bought a few of them so at least one is around as back up when they lose them! 🙂

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